Nude goes takeaway

From Friday 20 March you can order Nude’s special with Wolt.

Our chef Taneli Myllyvirta has put his mad hat on and has created really interesting menus.
Check the menu here


You can also order food directly from restaurant by phone and pick them up from Monday to Friday 11:00–19:00 and Saturdays 12:00–20:00. Payment by card.


Takeaway Menu

Mushroom Dumplings
with xo-sauce 10 pcs
16 e
Nude’s classic dumplings which doesn’t let anybody down

Fried Rice bowl ”bibimbah” 16 e
Options: Grilled duck, salmon sashimi or marinated tofu
Served with soy-shitake mushroom, oi-muchim cucumber
and seasam carrots

Big Chicken wings 7/10 kpl 13 e / 16 e
Served with Nude’s hot sauce and black garlic mayonnaise

Spicy pork 16 e
Served with it’s own sauce, jasmin rice, coleslaw
and seasam mayonnaise

Daily salad 13 e
Made with best seasonal ingredients

Steam bun 1/2kpl 7e /13 e
Options: grilled duck or spicy pork
Served with soy mayonnaise, oi-muchim cucumber
and Nude’s kimchi

Nude’s Culatello ham
and two pieces of cheese
10 e

Nude’s bread 3 pcs 7 e
Nude’s donut 3 pcs 8 e

Nude opening hours

Our restaurant is open on Fridays and Saturdays.
klo 17.00– klo 02.00.

Last bookings at 22.00.

You can also pick your food for take away directly from the restaurant on weekdays from 11.00 to 19.00 and Saturdays from 12.00 to 20.00.