Gift cards

Where to find a wonderful gift for your significant other, friends, or maybe employees? A gift card to our restaurant is a popular present.

You can choose a menu out of our several options, or simply a sum of your choosing. Additionally, a written message can be attached to the card. Payment is easy and safe via online bank transaction or credit card.

The gift card is either sent in PDF form to a chosen e-mail address, or the physical card can be picked up from the restaurant. Gift cards are valid for 6 months, excluding the seasonal holiday gift cards (e.g. Mother’s Day).

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Wine Gifts

Did you enjoy the wine you had at the restaurant?

Bottlescouts is a new type of online wine store for anyone who wants to delight their loved ones with high-quality wines. Their mission is to find the world’s most interesting and fascinating wines for each table, where good food is greatly appreciated.

Bottlescouts offers a safe and secure way to make successful choices, regardless of time and place. On the front page, you will be asked to choose a country of delivery. This will determine the excise taxes and the VAT rate, which are different in Estonia and Finland.

Now you can order wine to be enjoyed at home or given as a gift!

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